Assistant Instructors

Assistant instructors are either ranked instructors or high ranking students who are not currently teaching independent classes. Assistant instructors help run classes, cover for active instructors when they are absent and otherwise assist in the operation of the New York Historical Fencing Association.  

Patrick O'Neil

Instructor, Longsword
Rank 3

Patrick was one of the first NYHFA members and is the second "oldest" current member after Mike Edelson. He joined in 2007, but a slew of long term deployments with the Army National Guard kept him from training full time until just a few years ago. He has a smattering of martial arts training, including Nihon Goshin Aikido, Tang Soo Do and Krav Maga. He has a background in Olympic fencing with some medals from small events and is also trained in US Army combatives, level one, and SCA rapier (but was never in the SCA!). He is the only known human to drink all night with Mike Edelson and not end up passed out naked in a bathroom.


Fechtschule NY 2016, NY, USA
Top 8 medalist, LP League open longsword
IGX 2013, MA, USA
3rd Place ­ Heavyweight Wrestling


Steven Viani

Assistant Instructor, Longsword
Rank 2

Steven Viani was one of the original members at NYHFA NYC. He currently teaches beginner longsword classes and assists with the teaching ofintermediate students at NYHFA's NYC branch.


Longpoint 2014, MD, USA
3rd Place, Paired Technique