NYHFA Code of Conduct

All members of the New York Historical Fencing Association are expected to uphold the following code of conduct.

1. Treat all others with compassion, kindness and understanding. Learning a martial art is a serious pursuit and it can be extremely dangerous. That is why we must all strive to treat our fellows as we would want them to treat us. We are all responsible for keeping each other safe. 

2. Treat all members of NYHFA with respect. Feel free to disagree, even argue(outside of class), but do so respectfully. Keep in mind that you belong to the same school and, in a sense, are working together to build something bigger than yourselves. This applies, to a lesser degree, to all members of the HEMA/WMA community. It also applies, to a greater degree, to your seniors, instructors and NYHFA officers. 

3. Take responsibility for the progress of your juniors. Help them whenever you can. Do not dismiss them when they ask for help. Do not judge them for their failings, but seek to help them overcome them. 

4. Control your anger, frustration, etc. Do not endanger those around you by giving in to it. What we do is dangerous, and those who lose control pose an unacceptable risk.  

5. Strive to be humble, to accept your flaws and work on improving them. Strive to put your own personal needs and desires in balance with those of the group. You didn't get where you are alone, do not forget those upon whose work you built the foundation of your skill.

6. Never take advantage of your juniors. You are beholden to them a lot more than they are beholden to you. Seniors exist to uplift juniors, not to exploit them.

7. Try your best to represent NYHFA in a positive light in your dealings with the outside world.