Study Group Leaders

Study Group Leaders are in charge of independent NYHFA chapters but have not yet reached sufficient rank to run an independent branch under their own authority or under the supervision of a senior instructor (see NYHFA Rank Structure). As such, their chapters are study groups and are led by study group leaders rather than head instructors.  Study group leaders are often far from NYHFA branches and have to work on their own to implement the NYHFA curriculum and maintain organization standards.  

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Eric Lowe

Study Group Leader, NYHFA North Carolina
Rank 2, provisional

After a brief stint fencing foil in college, Eric Lowe has been following his lifelong dream of studying Liechtenauer's kunst des fechtens since 2013.  He is the lead instructor of Swordwind, NYHFA's branch in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Workshops and Classes

Intro to Longsword, Queen's Gambit 2017
Cutting Mechanics as Binding Mechanics: Study in Steel 2017 


Iron Gate Exhibition, 2014, MA, USA
3rd place, open rapier


Jeremy Wolf
Study Group Leader, NYHFA Bard
Rank 2

Jeremy Wolf is a NYHFA student with a strong personal and academic passion for Medieval History and Martial Arts. He oversees the Bard College NYHFA study group, affiliated with NYHFA Kingston.


Fechtschule New York 2019, NY, USA
Finalist, Open Gekkenschwert
Least Doubles Award